ronnie colvin

Meet Ronnie Colvin, MS, CFP®

Professional: Ronnie serves as a Financial Planner, having entered the field in 2016 after a long career in IT as a Networking & Telecommunications Engineer. He is very much a nerd for the technical side of financial planning and enjoys helping clients define a clear path to their financial and life goals.

Personal: I'm originally from Alabama, where I grew up surrounded by engineers, the military, and German rocket scientists. I moved to Reno, NV with my wife, Sharon, in 2020 - just in time for COVID lockdown, yay! My wife and I are animal lovers, fostering almost 60 kittens in our home last year from our local humane society. I'm a fan of Sci-Fi and Southern Food, but I won't judge you too harshly about putting sugar in your cornbread.
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