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Comprehensive Financial Plan
This is a 5-meeting engagement, typically spanning four months, designed to actively help you implement a comprehensive and customized financial plan with the goal of keeping you accountable.
• The financial plan includes everything in your life, and while the numbers form the foundation for the plan, it is your goals and values that drive the recommendations.
• This plan includes unrestricted phone and email access throughout its duration.
The flat fee for this plan is $8,000

Once completing the five-meeting financial planning relationship, ongoing financial advice & support is a recommended optional service

In-Training Strategy Session
This is a 60-minute meeting, designed for medical students, residents and fellows, to address a few of your most pressing financial issues, concerns, or goals.
• Our financial plan allows you to identify the key areas you wish to discuss during our 60-minute call with Ronnie Colvin. We'll cover up to four priority topics, addressing your concerns in the order of priority selected by you.
• This plan includes a follow-up email with a summarization of the call and actionable next steps.
The flat fee for this plan is $700
Please note that, due to the time limits of this arrangement, our investment advice will only focus on the appropriate target date funds and index funds available to you through your employer's retirement plan as well as your Roth IRA (if applicable)