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Planning Services for the Early Stages of a Physician’s Career

The Comprehensive Financial Plan
This is a 5-meeting engagement, typically spanning four months, designed to actively help you implement a comprehensive and customized financial plan with the goal of keeping you accountable.
• The financial plan includes everything in your life, and while the numbers form the foundation for the plan, it is your goals and values that drive the recommendations.
• This plan includes unrestricted phone and email access throughout its duration.
The flat fee for this plan is $8,000
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Step 1) Schedule
After completing the above contact form, I respond via email to confirm details and explain the process.
Consultations are only scheduled Thursday and Friday between 9:30am and 4:30pm Eastern Time
Step 2) Intro Meeting
The intro call is an opportunity to ask questions, discuss your financial concerns, and establish the values to guide your money decisions. If you decide to move forward, you’ll receive a fiduciary agreement and an invitation to your personal financial planning website.
Step 3) Getting Started
Then, the first financial planning meeting focuses on getting acquainted, confirming facts, and setting the tone for the next three meetings.
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Financial snapshot

The Comprehensive Financial Plan

A quick look at what we can do when working together:

Urgent Matters

Addressing the most important areas in your life first

Retirement & Investing

Creating a plan for existing & future investment goals

Cash Flow

Getting a clear understanding of where your money's going

Debt & Savings

Paying off & saving for college and other life liabilities

Contract Review

Taking a closer look at your benefits and payscale

Insurance Analysis

Reviewing any policies & providing a path forward

For Medical students and physicians in training, we offer an In-Training Financial Strategy Session for $700, providing a 60-minute consultation with Ronnie to address your top financial concerns. The service includes a targeted review of your financial situation and a follow-up email with personalized advice and actionable steps.

Once completing the five-meeting financial planning relationship, ongoing financial advice & support is a recommended optional service.